I guess I’ll start a Diary


I’m starting off the New Year with only a year, 3 months, and 9 days left to work legally. I have to make them count somehow. All I’ve done since living here since I was 6 years old was assimilate into a country that is drying up all my opportunities. I haven’t even achieved the bare bones of the life I envisioned for myself.


All the self help peeps tell you to count your blessings, so here’s mine:

  • I’m full of life and energy and I’m not done fighting yet
  • I have a loving family and home
  • I have access to the internet, pens, and journals. I can write, I can speak, and I can be heard by anyone who wants to listen
  • I can get up everyday and work legally.

for now at least. I only have right now and really that’s all anyone ever has.